>> Monday, December 8, 2008

The new Full Metal Alchemist anime series is confirmed to be scheduled in April 2009 ♥ gosh, cant wait to see how it will be different that the last one.

Official Website of Full Metal Alchemist is updated too. I was hoping to see new season or new story continuesly from the previous Full Metal Alchemist series, but it seems to be a whole new fresh restart with a much more closer to the Manga storyline.

I didnt read the manga though, so I dunno what's the comparison between the previous Full Metal Alchemist series storyline with the Manga (I heard the anime storyline was totally getting out of the manga storyline ? not too sure).

But I watched the previous one & it's so damn good also touching in some parts (almost made me cried, or did I actually cried ? cant remember, lol). It deserved to be one of the best Anime ever.

Here is the trailer of the new Full Metal Alchemist series :

Seems to be done by the same animation studio, BONES. I personally found their animation quality is the best.

Source: Alafista & Sankaku Complex .