>> Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Eventhough I'm not a fan of Monster Hunter / モンスターハンター Game (even after I tried playing in on my PSP Slim & found it a pretty nice game but character design totally not my type), I still find these plushies are just too adorable to resist !!! ♥.

I personally think that these piggies are the cutest / kawaiiest pig plushies I ever seen in my life eventhough I dont usually like pig plushies / dolls ♥.

I'm so totally gonna get these (above) cats / ねこ !!! they're much 10x cuter / kawaiier than the ones inside the game itself, lol ♥. But unfortunately if anyone want any of these above, they gotta get it by playing at any arcade in Japan since all these are arcade prized items (means that they probably wont be sold in shops until official release their retail price perharps) ♥.

Source: GA Graphic & TomoPop ♥.



>> Friday, February 20, 2009

There's this event called "AOU Amusement Expo 2009" in Japan which just ended recently that showcasing the latest & greatest prize for arcades ♥.

These Yoko & Nia figures seems to be only available exclusively for arcade prizes ♥. 1st time I saw this design though, I wonder if they ever be for sale in shops ? ♥. Too bad it's not fully colored, would love to know the scale & see the review of these Yoko figures ♥.

I wonder if those Nia & Yoko Dakimakura cover above are for prizes as well ? Strangely, I have never seen this dakimakura design of both before (are they new design ?) cuz previously Yoko dakimakura was like this & this. While Nia Dakimakura is like this. So I suppose these are exclusive design for arcade prizes only ? ♥.

These are all due / out on summer (if im not wrong) ♥. So if you're happen to be in Japan on this summer season, do drop by to some arcades & grab these prizes ♥. I would really love to grab those goodies by playing UFO-Catcher over there (they really have attractive prizes) . But I'm not sure if these are UFO-Catcher Prize or just general arcade prizes though, anyone knows ? .

Source: AkibaHobby & TomoPop.



>> Thursday, February 19, 2009

I've heard this Japanese's rock / punk-pop band first time from 4th opening song of BLEACH anime (title is "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight") & really like it ♥. The name of the band is BEAT CRUSADERS, who commonly mask their faces with drawings resembling themselves on their music videos ♥.

I wonder if they're trying to be mysterious like Gorillaz ? lol rofl lmao ♥.

Apparently, their "Phantom Planet" music video above is using Little Big Planet's famous character, Sackboy & some other weirdy 3D renders (though some backgrounds looks like taken in real life) ♥.

♥ Source: LittleBigPlanetoid.



>> Friday, February 13, 2009

A cute / kawaii yet creepy advertisement video of Hello Kitty MAC Cosmetic that reminds me of one of Gwen Stefanie Music Video . It gives the "Alice in Wonderland" feeling until the girl goes into pink-cotton-candy-look-alike tunnel & get bullied by some man wearing Hello Kitty head which makes me so... speechless.

Anyway, I just found a video of Gwen Stefanie's "What Are You Waiting For" Remix. I like this remix more than the original song for some reason, nicer to hear & dance at .

Source: KittyHell.



>> Monday, February 9, 2009

I just found out recently about this cute / kawaii / moe looking Nintendo DS games called "Kumatanchi" (くまたんち) ♥. Apparently, the Vanillaware are the developers of this game & they are also the one who made the beautiful 2D games such as Odin Sphere (オーディンスフィア), Grim Grimoire (グリムグリモア) & Oboro Murasama Youtouden (Murasama: The Demon Blade) ♥.

I havent try the game though (yup, it's already released since long time ago) but from what I researched, it seems about Kumatan & her friends put on shows on a Zoo & your job is to train her also take care of her before & after these gigs ♥. Below are some screenshots of the gameplay (looks super cute / kawaii !!!) ♥.

What attract me the most to play this game is the moe-chibi-cute-kawaii-loli characters & the gameplay, seems pretty fun to play too eh ? ♥. Here is the Intro / Opening animation from the game (it has a cute / kawaii opening song too !) ♥.

And this is the trailer (or advertisement ?) video of the game, looks pretty interesting right ? ♥. I'm so gonna play this game >:3 muahaha !!! ♥.

Ah, I forgot to tell you that this game only available in Japanese (too bad it doesnt have english version for it, sigh) ♥.



>> Sunday, February 8, 2009

This probably an old title of a Nintendo DS game, but I just found out about it recently, lol ♥. What catch my attention first is the character design is suprisingly by TOUMA (1 of the most popular Japanese Urban Vinyl Toys designer) ♥.

I wont say much about the game as I havent play it before, but for those who played Katamari series (example: We Katamari, Katamari Damacy, Beautiful Katamari, etc) before on Playstation 2, XBox 360 or PSP surely will feel that this game is very similar to it .

It's basically using these "creatures" (not sure if they're dogs or monsters ?) to eat & swallow anything that gets in your way, soon these "creatures" will become bigger & will able to eat / swallow bigger things (see? the base of this game's idea / concept reminds you of Katamari right ?! Isnt this a bit *ahem* rip-off ?! rolf lmao lolz) .

Anyway, I'll probably will try this game since it looks fun & not to mention also cute / かわいい (kawaii) (though some of the "creatures" looks so damn stupid). Also, you may need to know some Japanese to play since it's only released in Japanese language .

Source: KOEI | GABUGABU プラネット.



>> Saturday, February 7, 2009

When I was browsing on YouTube, I Stumble upon this superb, awesome, addictive, most funniest & cutest dancing parrot video on earth ever !!! ♥. I cant help it but to watch it over & over again, totally makes me laugh & also brighten up my day ♥.

The name of the parrot is Frostie & amazingly, it seems that the rythym of the music really somehow matches to Frostie's dance, so totally cute !!! ほんとうにかわいいすぎるなの~ !!! ♥. My favourite part is when Frostie shakes the head 360 degress in quite fast speed, so freaking funny & amazingly super hilarious !!! (I wonder how the heck Frostie can do that & didnt get dizzy at all ?!) ♥.

Which part is your favourite ? :) Also, I hope this video brighten up your day ~ ♥.



>> Friday, February 6, 2009

For those who are fans of both TOUMA & CAPCOM'S MONSTER HUNTER will be very happy with this trading figure released ♥. Me, myself find TOUMA's works are amazing & has a very original awesome attitude (especially the evilish smirk & devilish eyes on his characters) ♥.

But from all his characters, me only love グーン / GOON, The Dragons (which is above picture) ♥. Reason why I love it because I love dragons & these looks so cutely awesome & cool in the same time, rofl lmao lolz ♥.

This time he added his characters attitude into the Monster Hunter's Cats ♥. This is quite an old released though & everyone knows Monster Hunter merchandise are selling like madness since everyone (especially Asian people) are so crazy over the Monster Hunter game. Even Play-Asia ones are sold-out (after re-issue) ♥. But I saw a complete set (8 pieces) of this trading figure for around $90 ++ SGD during my visit to LaTendo last time (not sure if its still there though) ♥. So for those who wants to get them, better get it fast !!! ♥.

Source: Toycyte & VinylPulse ♥.



>> Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spotted this never-been-seen-before & somewhat kind of Limited Edition Gloomy Bear figure with Stitch's (from Lil'o & Stitch) body which costs $2,000 USD !!! (yeah I know, it's like so freaking superb totally expensive to the maximum right ?!) ♥. Most expensive Gloomy Bear figure ever, definitely ♥. If I'm ultra very おかねもち (Okanemochi / Rich) fella, I definitely snatch it !!! (eventhough I dont like Stitch, but any figure of Pink & Bloody Gloomy Bear is just Auto Must-Buy for me). Yes, I'm in love with Pink & Bloody ver. of Gloomy Bear .

But geez, it's almost as expensive as Joe Ledbetter's Mr.Bunny Complete Set @ eBay (which cost $3,500 USD for all 3)
. Ah well, probably cuz it's more like an art piece than a toy I guess .

Source: GloomyBearAttack.



>> Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This is actually an old news, but I just feel like sharing it for those who doesnt know about this ♥. There's a blogger (Mukyaa) who post some photos of his crazy GoodSmileCompany collection after took a suggestion from DannyChoo (which is only represent half of his figure collection, that means he got loads more figures than that !!!) ♥. Can make an army of GoodSmileCompany already haha ♥.

Gosh, I want that GoodSmileCompany - Lala Satalin Deviluke 1/8 PVC [To-LOVE-Ru] so badly !!! Actually, I already pre-ordered from Play-Asia for a re-issue release since January 2009, but the re-issue release date delayed to March from February :( geez, I wonder how long are they gonna take to release a re-issue version ?! ♥.

Another figure that I really badly want is that GoodSmileCompany - Shuraki Trinity Box 3 - 1/8 Char Rhousemann PVC [Shuraki] (above) !!! I missed the pre-order & until now I havent manage to spot this figure for sale in local shops, or when I was visiting Akihabara last year, or even online shopping websites !!! so sad, sigh :(

Anyone can tell me where I can find this ? prefer to buy it locally though cuz I dont really wanna pay extra shipping fee if possible (of course the price shouldnt be more than the original pricing too, cuz some people are just selling rare figure with ridiculous price to get more profit) ♥. Really appreciate the help if anyone can let me know !!! :)

Another thing that amaze me is the awesome Nendoroid & Lucky Star collection *me ish super so envy* ♥.

PVC Figure collecting hobby is really a very super expensive hobby (more than gaming definitely !!!) since we both has gaming hobbies (consoles, handhelds & PC) & PVC Figure Collecting hobbies too ♥. Cuz each of PVC can cost from $90 - $150 SGD nowadays (2nd hand PVC Figure usually range from $40 SGD & above, depends on the condition of it) ♥.

So I'm pretty sure that
Mukyaa is probably a very rich Otaku / おかねもち (Okanemochi / Rich) fella !!! (unless if he got all those figures for free) lol rofl lmao ♥. おかねもちはなりたいです~ (duh, who doesnt want to be rich -& also happy- in this world ?) .

♥ Source: Mukyaa & Tomopop.



>> Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Apparently there's so much pretty amazing stunning picture / photographs / photoshoots of PVC Figures in here ♥. And I cant help it but to share the beautiful photos in my blog, I hope Radiant-san / Daniel-san dont mind about this, lol rofl lmao ♥.

I really like the way of mixing both Figures with reality backgrounds which can bring a "life" into them & somehow it looks more like a 3D CG more than a photoshoot, so lovely .

My top 3 favourite photos are the most top 3 (Chua Churam, Bunny Haruhi & Rakka). Which one is your favourite picks ? . You can check more of his works & anime pvc figure photographs / pictures in here .