>> Thursday, March 19, 2009

This video not exactly shows kittens who really are dancing, but simply so far is the most adorable, cutest / kawaiiest, irresistibles video of many kittens does the same thing (move / shakes their head in the same directions) ♥.

The 1st thing in my mind when I saw this video was amazed by the cuteness / kawaiiness & the number of the kittens in here !!! & Straight away I suspect this place must be either a cattery / cat breeder place (which is the truth) or simply a hardcore cat-lover home who just happen to blessed with many kittens in the house ♥. Gosh, they looked like living fluffy remote controlled cat robots for some reason *LOL ROFL LMAO* ♥.



>> Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fancy for some cute / kawaii-looking oishii / yummy bento ? how about getting some inspirations from these amazing Hello Kitty oishii / yummy & kawaii / cute bento(s) below (if you're interested to make any bento) ? .

Gosh, they looks so deliciously cute / kawaii !!! it feels such a waste to eat them, dont you think so too ? ♥. My favourite will be the first picture, looks very detailed !!! ♥. Hmm, I wonder how long it takes to make these bentos... (I never tried making these type of bento cuz I'm so darn lazy *LOL ROFL LMAO*) ♥.

Does any of you making these kind of bento too ? ♥.

Source: KittyHell ♥.



>> Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Do you love both Hello Kitty & Gloomy Bear character ? well, this is a good news for you then !!! ♥.Cuz there's a new collaboration of 2 famous merchandise character in Japan, Hello Kitty & Gloomy Bear is finally happened ♥. But at 1st sight, I thought it's kinda more focusing to the Hello Kitty character much more rather than Gloomy Bear since it's more like Hello Kitty "cosplaying" / wearing Gloomy Bear costume ♥.

Apparently, this collaboration merchandise is seems to be reported as "For Sale in Japan only" which means, you may not get it on your local store (now I know why I never see this merchandise in any Singapore local shop here, sigh !!!) ♥. But I believe, there's a way to buy it via online japanese stores (I actually found the Japan online shop for these merchandise before but I forgot the URLs cuz I didnt save it that time !!!) ♥.

But this Strapya Gloomy Bear x Hello Kitty cellphone straps (above) are available for online-purchase on Strapya Online Store ♥. Both are retailing for 630 yen each ($6.49 USD) ♥. But I'll most probably skip this collaboration since I dont really like the idea of Gloomy Bear is being 'worn' by Hello Kitty, it's just simply lame & weird to me for some reason ♥.

Any of you are going to buy this merchandise collaboration ? ♥.

Source: Tomopop & Gloomy Bear Attack ♥.



>> Monday, March 16, 2009

I just found another irresistibly superb kawaii, cute & funny videos on YouTube of my favourite animal of all time, felines / cats / kittens / kitties ♥.

I love the music they used, somehow its kinda match with the video... dont you think ? *wink* . I doubt anyone can hate this cute kawaii fella in the video :3 .



>> Sunday, March 15, 2009

Who doesnt love eating noodles especially if you are an Asian ?! ♥. Regardless it's instant or cooked noodles, I think most asian people love eating noodles !!! but I'm not sure about non-asian people though ♥. But this Hello Kitty noodles above looks good enough to slurp !!! though the Hello Kitty in that a bowl of noodle looks like somekind of fish cake ♥.

What about some Instant Noodle (Ramen) then ?! ♥.

Oh yes, of course they have Hello Kitty instant noodle (ramen) !!! it's one of the most unavoidable food merchandise type in Japan afterall ♥.

Wow, looking at these pictures above really can makes me craving for some instant cup noodles now !!! (which is bad for health & also damn fatty, argh) ♥. How many times / often do you eat noodle or instant noodle ? ♥.

Source: here & here ♥.



>> Saturday, March 14, 2009

This is one of kawaii / cute & rare artist crossover / collaboration of designer toys / urban vinyl toys between Tokidoki & Tokyo Plastic's famous mascot / signature character, The Geisha ♥. I like the combination color of pink, black, white & grey here but its impossible for me to get it !!! (heck, I'm not even sure IF I really can get this since I heard this release is exclusively for SDCC / San Diego Comic Convention only !!!) ♥.

More pictures found @ Tokidoki-Blog below (even the packaging box has cute illustrations !!! I really like it) ♥.

Darn, I guess I have to give this a miss since I cant even find it anywhere online for purchase !!! :( oh well ♥.Does any of you like & buy Tokidoki products too ? ♥.

Source: Vinyl Pulse ♥.



>> Friday, March 13, 2009

This is probably the most expensive figure of Hello Kitty ever made !!! it's made of 590 gram Platinum & cost around 18,9 million yen (which is around $164,000) ♥. I heard that it comes with 7 different hair ribbons made of diamonds, rubies & other precious gems that can be worn by Hello Kitty or used as a pendant ♥.

Sanrio really know well how to milk money from Hello Kitty fanatics out there, eh ? ♥.

Source: KittyHell ♥.



>> Thursday, March 12, 2009

If you are a Designer Toys / Urban Vinyl Figure collector & love cats / kitties / felines (just like me), how could you not think & find this figure is just so cute, kawaii & adorable ?! well, I'm sure you do *wink* ♥.

I really fell in love for the 1st sight with this! the cube-shaped body, dumb looking face & most interesting is the tail shape which looks bended / broken / wounded with the bandage ♥. It looks simple & charming, not looking too complicated ♥.

Apparently, this called Wounded KittyMutt (customized by Okkle) & I personally find it's one of the rarest, cutest, kawaiiest, most adorable, bestest cat / feline Designer Toys / Urban Vinyl ever !!!.

There was a KittyMutt showcase gallery which will be showcasing other KittyMutt customs including this one at APW Gallery which located at New York City. It's been sold straight away on the show, now I know why I cant seem to find it anywhere for sale at Amazon, eBay, or even Okkle's online shop too!. Geez, I guess it's too cute to be missed out for everyone !!! .

So sad, this KittyMutt are so limited & only has 1 piece each custom :( I cant even seem to find any other KittyMutt for sale too (or even pictures / photos) ♥. I hope there will be more cats / felines-based Designer Toys / Urban Vinyl in the future ♥.

Source: Vinyl Pulse ♥.



>> Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pasta is my one of my favourite Italian food, aside from Pizza, Spaghetti, Doria, Gratin & Risotto . My favourite pasta shape will be the spiral or macaroni, not sure why though.

But I wonder how big are these Hello Kitty pasta (above) ? ♥. Some of them is in green color too, is it an organic pasta type ? ♥. Speaking of organic food, does any of you like / eating organic food ? how does it taste like ? Cuz I never eat organic food in my life so far ^^; (I think) ♥.

Source: KittyHell.



>> Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another irresistibly cute & funny videos on YouTube of my favourite animal of all time, felines / cats / kittens / kitties ♥.

Arent they're just cute & funny !? :3 I wonder if they really can get headache or feeling dizzy from that ? I'm pretty sure they do... but even then, they seems to enjoy & like the turntable alot, so cute to the max ♥.



>> Monday, March 9, 2009

Do you like eating あんパン or An Pan ? how about some kawaii / cute looking ones like above ? ♥. It looks pretty cute & nicely well done too !!! ♥. Hmm, now it makes me wonder if I actually ever eat あんパン or An Pan in my life ? if yes, when was the last time I eat it ? (o_O|||) Gosh, I truly cant remember since I'm not really into eating foods with red bean fillings on it .

Source: KittyHell .



>> Sunday, March 8, 2009

I came across this very charming & funny true-to-life cat animated video on youtube called Simon's Cat.

I heard that most common cases for cat owners are when their cats disturb their sleep in morning around 4 am - 5 am asking for food.

Totally love the smooth animation, drawing style & most importantly the sound of 'meow' that cat makes !!! so adorable super cute !!! eventhough the cat is very evil & irritating, lol rofl lmao .

Does any of your cat does this to you too ? .



>> Saturday, March 7, 2009

Are you craving for some (kawaii / cute) pizza now ? Well, this is the answer for you !!! . Not sure if its where is this from but according to the packaging, it doesnt seem from Japan, I'm assuming it's from China / Hong Kong / Taiwan (correct me if I'm wrong) ♥.

More close up below.

Looks pretty tasty but small & truly shows the Hello Kitty head shape with the sausage as the "ribbon" . Too bad they dont have this in Singapore though, I wouldnt mind trying to buy & taste it hehe ♥.

Source: KittyHell.



>> Friday, March 6, 2009

Got this forwarded email with very kawaii / cute looking biscuits pictures attached ♥. Not sure if they are real biscuits or not but they really looks too kawaii / cute & lovely to eat !!! 本当にかわいいすぎでしょう ?! ♥ .

If someone ever make these kind of biscuits & gave it to me, I wonder if I will ever eat it or not since I dont wanna waste the kawaiiness / cuteness of it !!! yeah, I know that I'm so lame right ?! lol rolf lmao .

Actually, I dont really like to eat biscuits or any other sweet foods (prefer sweet drinks much more). To tell you the truth, I HATE CHOCOLATE & dont like the taste of it at all ♥. It tastes either bitter or too sweet for me, blergh :(

I'm used to eat chocolate / candies when I was young & had problem with my teeth cuz of it, so since then I tend to avoid eating stuffs that has chocolate (including milk / drinks too). So since I'm not used to eat sweet stuffs, I dont eat food which is sweet for me (it has to be some certain level of sweetness taste that my tounge can tolerate) ♥.

A lot of people suprised when they know I dont like to eat sweet stuffs / things where usually most girls love to eat them, but I still love to drink sweet drinks though (as long not too or over-sweet its fine) . Though I dont mind eating certain flavours of ice-creams & cheesecake ♥.

Above picture probably is the only biscuit photos that looks quite 'normal' & not so cute / kawaii compare to the rest. Do you guys always / cant live / like to eat sweet stuffs like cakes, chocolates, candies too ?.