>> Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finally, the ultimate collaboration of Hello Kitty & Tokidoki collection are out for grabs ♥. These collection is superb cute, ちょーかわいい (totally kawaii), irresistible & adorable madness ♥.

I would really love to grab these if I'm a fan of both (Luckily, I am not fan of both so I can save my money for something else, tee-hee) . But what attract me the most in these collection are actually the use of pink colors with these kawaii かわいい characters .

But if you ask me which one of these collection I will buy, probably will be the 2 figures above . Reason is because I love collecting Figures (Anime or Designer / Urbban Vinyl) & apparently the fusion of Hello Kitty with Tokidoki characters above are just too cute / adorable / pretty / kawaii / irresistible !!! especially that "Cactus Kitten" (Hello Kitty in Cactus suit) with some pink spikes & bling-bling diamonds attached to it .

But it cost bloody $160.00 USD if you buy it here !!! T_T blargh, too expensive that can makes me cry, can ?! まったく、高いすぎでしょうね?!♥.

There also a plushie version of "Cactus Kitten" (Hello Kitty in Cactus suit) which is above picture, but for some reason its not as appealing as the figure to me .

Source: Tokidoki.



>> Friday, January 30, 2009

Another gadget that has been invaded by the most hot & famous designer toys 'brand', Tokidoki ♥. This Fujitsu LifeBook® U820 Mini-Notebook is eco-friendly, compact, light-weight & has Tokidoki design on the cover ♥. Though I find it a bit ugly, weird & doesnt suit the overall look at all, with the design on the cover / top part only while the rest looks plain, left untouched by the kawaiiness of Tokidoki ♥.

Source: Tokidoki Blog.



>> Thursday, January 29, 2009

This is probably the only loveliest christmast tree with so much cute / かわいいもの (kawaii things) hanging on it ♥. I'm not really a Tokidoki fan, but I admit this christmast tree is just simply adorable ♥.

It's also my 1st time seeing someone use designer toys / urban vinyl toys as christmast tree decoration (I dont think I would do that to any of my figures / toys) ♥.

Source: Tokidoki Blog.



>> Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It is indeed one adorable & かわいい Totoro / トトロ chair that let you sit on his tummy without worries to hurt him or get him mad ♥. This comfortable soft fluffy chair being sold here for 35,000 yen (36,750 yen with TAX Included) which is around $613 SGD !!! ♥. Pretty expensive price for a floor chair though, but Ghibli products / merchandise are known for their expensive pricing anyway haha ♥.

Source: Japanator.



>> Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another superb silly, funny & stupid video of まるーちゃん (Maru-chan) ♥. He's so totally my Cat Idol on the net !!! just simply too irresistible, cute & funny ♥. 

とっても すごっく ちょ かわいい と おもしろいですわ~ ♥.



>> Sunday, January 25, 2009

Apparently, there's a new Carnival-themed colors for PSP 3000 from Japan (Asia) ♥.

Personally I dont like these colors compare to the PSP Slim colors range, this colors range a bit too crayola & immature/childish/kiddish for me (though I kinda like the Red & Blue color ones) .

I also still dont get it why Sony Japan are making the new PSP 3000 where the PSP Slim are still selling fine in the market (I suppose) ♥. Probably it's because of the pirated PSP games around ? or they're just try to milk more money? no Idea what's the real motivation behind this new PSP 3000 ♥.

These new 3000 PSP Carnival colors themed scheduled to release on 19 March 2009 in Japan & will sold for 19,800 yen each. The bundles are 24,800 yen which includes a 4GB memory stick, a pouch & a handstrap ♥. I'm probably will still stick to my Pink Rose PSP Slim (until they have Magenta or Hot Pink version someday) ♥.

Anyone getting this Carnival colored theme PSP 3000 when it's released ?
:3 ♥.

Source: Playstation.com (Japan).



>> Saturday, January 24, 2009

If you're an Otaku who loves bishoujo 2D characters ALOT & played a lot of Eroge or Dating-simulation games & also happen to have a PSP, what would you react if you see this kind of PSP Skin / Casing ? ♥.

I would probably will feel happy (I kinda like the 1st & 2nd picture) but then again, I rather bling-bling my PSP with crystals, stones & stickers that makes it more super cho kawaii & girlish than otaku-looking, teehee ♥.

Source: Alafista & Akibablog.



>> Friday, January 23, 2009

I spotted this image when I was at Asobit Chara City during our visit to Akihabara last year (full report here) ♥. What attracts me to take picture of this image is that "Finger Inside" logo instead of "Intel Inside" ♥. Never seen her before, anyone recognize her ? She looks very kawaii indeed . I assume that she's an Eroge character (the eyes drawing style reminds me of a particular Eroge Company but I cant recall) .

Questions: How many of you think ecchi thoughts when you see this image with that "Finger Inside" written on it ? :p



>> Thursday, January 22, 2009

I just found out this collaboration between MAC Cosmetics & Hello Kitty ♥. Heard that it costs more or less around $1000 ($1,1790.50) for the whole thing .

It's amazing how much they can collaborate with some others famous urban vinyl / designer toys characters like Fafi previously too .

For ladies (or anyone else) who are fan of these 2D characters out there, will you spend money to buy cosmetic or any other product which collaborate with your favourite characters ? ♥. If yes, will you keep them for collectibles or will use them? ♥.

Source from: Kittyhell & Nitrolicious .



>> Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Since I have interest & plan to live in Tokyo someday, I checked it online to know how much it averagely costs to live there if you mix together all the bills from rent, electricity, telephone, gas, internet, foods/drinks, etc .

Then, I found this a very quite useful video from YouTube which is regarding the Living Cost in Tokyo by TokyoCooney

So It seems that Tokyo is surely an expensive & costly city to live but then again it's all depend on your income, outcome & living place too . Hopefully this blog post helps to share info for anyone who stumbled upon my blog & plan / interested to live in Tokyo someday like me, teehee .



>> Tuesday, January 20, 2009

When I was browsing in YouTube, I found this Lisa Loeb Underdog music video ♥. Then there's 2 things that I just found out in this video which makes me speechless .

Firstly, it's the baby-pinkish kitchen that I always dreamed / wished to have (well, I prefer in black & hot pink though) ♥. Secondly, when the Hello Kitty start playing guitar is just make me so speechless (it's kinda ridiculous & a bit cute in a way) . Well, anyway the song isnt bad either though .



>> Monday, January 19, 2009

Before I was going to Japan, my favourite japanese drink was only Green Tea Leaf type (お茶 / Ocha) & Green Tea Powder type (抹茶 / Matcha) . I've been loving Green Tea since my 1st visit to a Japanese Restaurant a super very long time ago (cant remember when & where) . But I dont really fancy Green Tea drinks with sugar like Pokka Green Tea (drinking this everyday can really makes you gain weight !!! it happened to me) & other bottled-drink brands though ♥.

あたしのあたらしいいちばんすきのみもの~ .
And this is my new japanese drink favourite

It's Kirin Afternoon Royal Milk Tea♥. Anyone who love it too ? . It has totally different unique quality taste & not as sweet as Pokka Premium Milk Tea or Milk Tea from hawker / food centre . I only like Milk Tea when they actually use certain tea leaf or tea type, though . There's also another similarJapanese bottle Royal Milk Tea brand but I cant remember the name (definitely not Kirin & not as good as Kirin either). Anyway, I still buy it once in a while in certain Japanese supermarket in Singapore, but its more expensive (doubled price) than if you buy it in Japan, sigh :(

So do you have / what is your favourite japanese drink ?.
いちばんすきのみものがありますか ?.



>> Sunday, January 18, 2009

I do have a few & most of them are met through online like forum, communities, websites, chatroom, etc . Most of my OTAKU friends are probably guys / males since I like to watch almost all type of anime including エッチ or しょうじょーあい & also love to play anime-related games especially dating-simulation type (except for やおい, I dont like しょうねんーあい at all. きらいからです。). But despite all this, just to let you know that I'm still straight & prefer female-male relationship in real life, haha .

Most of my friends that I've met through real life are females / girls & they are more into Mangas than Anime . Well, some of them do watch Anime but not as much as me probably . じゃ、あなたもおたくともだちがいますか?(So, do you have Otaku friends too?).


♥ { CAT & DIET BOX }

>> Saturday, January 17, 2009

Most adorable & funniest video of Maru-chan .

The name is Maru, る で ♥. ちば ♥.
I think I become this cat biggest fan ♥.



>> Friday, January 16, 2009

This is the most adorable & cutest scottish fold cat ever .ちば ♥.

The name is Maru, る で ♥. I super want this cat, badly :(



>> Thursday, January 15, 2009

Do you know about Mister Donut ? . It's probably the most famous & kawaiiest / cutest donut franchise in Japan ♥. I didnt manage to find & eat it when me were in Tokyo last October, perharps cuz we didnt see / pass by any of the branches / stores, boohoo :( *mumbles* Too bad they dont have any branches in Singapore though.

Anyway, I found some very cute videos of
Mister Donut advertisements :

Any of you ever eat Mister Donut before ? ♥.



>> Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I found this very interesting fusion product named Domo Kitty, its a mixture of 2 very popular Japanese Character: Domo-kun & Hello Kitty ♥. At 1st glance, I thought this thing is produced for real, but it's actually a handmade ♥. It looks very interesting, kawaii & very unique !!! eventhough this is perharps the 1st time Hello Kitty goes nude / naked, lol ♥. This Domo Kitty is up for sale on eBay too ♥. Definitely will be a hunt for a huge fan of both Hello Kitty & Domo-kun since its the only one in the world .

Source: KittyHell ♥.



>> Tuesday, January 13, 2009

When I was at Indonesia, we stayed at my 2nd house which wasnt fully completed yet (some parts still under development). The reason why we didnt stay at my 1st house cuz there's only 3 bedroom & all are fully occupied with my family, lol ♥.
The distance between these 2 houses are very near though, only 5 minutes walk . But this 2nd house was actually built to be a guest house in the future when it's completed (idea from my dad) ♥. The concept of this house design isnt modern but instead those villa on mountains type (eventhough its located in the city) .
So most probably when it's ready for business, folks who interested to stay in this house while visiting Indonesia can contact me, lol . Heard that my dad will include indonesian breakfast & dinner homecooking plus driver to bring you around the city too .

So most probably when it's ready for business, folks who interested to stay in this house while visiting Indonesia can contact me, lol . Oh yeah, I found a stray cat around the house in the morning, very cute .

Was a bit scared when it saw me for 1st time but after I gave it a bread I got for our snacks during the flight & ate it, its not so scared towards me anymore .
I'm used to deal with lots of stray cats when I was young & still in Indonesia, used to have 12 stray cats in my neighbourhood as my own cats, lol ♥. They always come out whenever I call them for food ♥. And they only come out when they hear my voice only tee-hee .
Missing my 12 stray cats though :( most of them are already gone since no one taking care of them / giving them food other than me. Too bad in Singapore it's not easy to find stray cats (atleast around my living area), most of them probably taken to SPCA or Cat Welfare Society.

Is there any stray cats around your neighbourhood ? .