>> Monday, December 22, 2008

Just finished watching Persona - Trinity Soul - anime series. It's certainly one of the best anime out there ♥. The animation is awesome, character design are superb, soundtrack is very nice, story isnt bad . Though I feel they need to have more fighting action than just talking, fighting scenes between personas need a bit improvement too, kinda makes me feels a bit confused seeing so many things going on so fast ^^; lol.

There was an episode that touched me so much that almost made me cry. It was on when they show the past of the Kanzato family, when all of them still alive & how their parents died. What touched me the most is when young Shin & Jun parted from Ryou in the train station

Have u watch this series & also play the Persona series game on Playstation 2 ? if yes, what do you think of this series / do you like it ?