>> Monday, January 19, 2009

Before I was going to Japan, my favourite japanese drink was only Green Tea Leaf type (お茶 / Ocha) & Green Tea Powder type (抹茶 / Matcha) . I've been loving Green Tea since my 1st visit to a Japanese Restaurant a super very long time ago (cant remember when & where) . But I dont really fancy Green Tea drinks with sugar like Pokka Green Tea (drinking this everyday can really makes you gain weight !!! it happened to me) & other bottled-drink brands though ♥.

あたしのあたらしいいちばんすきのみもの~ .
And this is my new japanese drink favourite

It's Kirin Afternoon Royal Milk Tea♥. Anyone who love it too ? . It has totally different unique quality taste & not as sweet as Pokka Premium Milk Tea or Milk Tea from hawker / food centre . I only like Milk Tea when they actually use certain tea leaf or tea type, though . There's also another similarJapanese bottle Royal Milk Tea brand but I cant remember the name (definitely not Kirin & not as good as Kirin either). Anyway, I still buy it once in a while in certain Japanese supermarket in Singapore, but its more expensive (doubled price) than if you buy it in Japan, sigh :(

So do you have / what is your favourite japanese drink ?.
いちばんすきのみものがありますか ?.