>> Sunday, January 25, 2009

Apparently, there's a new Carnival-themed colors for PSP 3000 from Japan (Asia) ♥.

Personally I dont like these colors compare to the PSP Slim colors range, this colors range a bit too crayola & immature/childish/kiddish for me (though I kinda like the Red & Blue color ones) .

I also still dont get it why Sony Japan are making the new PSP 3000 where the PSP Slim are still selling fine in the market (I suppose) ♥. Probably it's because of the pirated PSP games around ? or they're just try to milk more money? no Idea what's the real motivation behind this new PSP 3000 ♥.

These new 3000 PSP Carnival colors themed scheduled to release on 19 March 2009 in Japan & will sold for 19,800 yen each. The bundles are 24,800 yen which includes a 4GB memory stick, a pouch & a handstrap ♥. I'm probably will still stick to my Pink Rose PSP Slim (until they have Magenta or Hot Pink version someday) ♥.

Anyone getting this Carnival colored theme PSP 3000 when it's released ?
:3 ♥.

Source: Playstation.com (Japan).