>> Thursday, March 12, 2009

If you are a Designer Toys / Urban Vinyl Figure collector & love cats / kitties / felines (just like me), how could you not think & find this figure is just so cute, kawaii & adorable ?! well, I'm sure you do *wink* ♥.

I really fell in love for the 1st sight with this! the cube-shaped body, dumb looking face & most interesting is the tail shape which looks bended / broken / wounded with the bandage ♥. It looks simple & charming, not looking too complicated ♥.

Apparently, this called Wounded KittyMutt (customized by Okkle) & I personally find it's one of the rarest, cutest, kawaiiest, most adorable, bestest cat / feline Designer Toys / Urban Vinyl ever !!!.

There was a KittyMutt showcase gallery which will be showcasing other KittyMutt customs including this one at APW Gallery which located at New York City. It's been sold straight away on the show, now I know why I cant seem to find it anywhere for sale at Amazon, eBay, or even Okkle's online shop too!. Geez, I guess it's too cute to be missed out for everyone !!! .

So sad, this KittyMutt are so limited & only has 1 piece each custom :( I cant even seem to find any other KittyMutt for sale too (or even pictures / photos) ♥. I hope there will be more cats / felines-based Designer Toys / Urban Vinyl in the future ♥.

Source: Vinyl Pulse ♥.