{ J-Drama Review: Part 4 }

>> Friday, September 19, 2008

Just finished watching another 3 good J-Doramas.

  • Title: 女王の教室 (じょおうのきょうしつ)
  • Title (romaji): Jyoou no Kyoushitsu
  • Also known as: The Queen's Classroom
  • Synopsis: here
  • Genre: School, human drama
  • Episodes: 11 + 2-part special
My Review / Comments :

This is the best & most interesting School Drama I've ever watch. I thought it wont be nice since most of the actors / actresses are kids, but actually it's very interesting to see how they rebel, think & act towards the super strict military kind of teacher
. The teacher is very harsh, strict & only treat student that obey her good. She also only decide everything on test result, the top ones are free from punishments & other things. Well she's obviously seems to be 100% bad teacher to these kids, but there's a reason why she has this way of teaching.

It's kinda twisting your view of the Teacher. Makes you wonder wether she's really a bad teacher that always bully the students or a teacher that has a reason to be this military-strict way of teaching to the students. If I ever have a kid, I want my kid's teacher to be like her, as strict as possible, punish badly when they do something bad / wrong. That's the best way to keep them in the right direction in life & to grow strong mentality into them too.

Other than that, this drama really teach heavy useful mentality or moral towards harsh reality that sometimes doesnt always go well or like we wished for. We need to have this kind of teacher more for kids in reality, so that they wont end up be a spoiled brat or losers who always want to go suicide. For some reason I really like strict teachers, usually they're the type of teacher who really able to teach & guide us to the right path.

Definitely worth to watch, She's the best teacher of all teachers so far, I adore her !!!

If i have to give rating, I would give 10/10 for this drama.


  • Title: マイリトルシェフ
  • Title (romaji): My Little Chef
  • Synopsis: here
  • Genre: Food, Comedy
  • Episodes: 10
My Review / Comments :

So sorry I couldnt manage to find any screen shots online for this one, boohoo. Anyway, this one is another food-related Drama which is one of the drama genre that I like, but this one is specialize with french cuisine so their food not really appealing to me. The story isnt bad but a bit too dramatic, not much comedy involved, decided to watch it cuz Abe Hiroshi was inside the drama

If i have to give rating, I would give 7/10 for this drama.


  • Title: アットホーム・ダッド
  • Title (romaji): At Home Dad
  • Synopsis: here
  • Genre: Family, Comedy
  • Episodes: 12 + 1 Special
My Review / Comments :

Cant find this drama screenshots online too, boohoo. So I'll just give my review.

Another hilarious & funny realistic drama. About a Dad who lost his job & forced to be a stay-home-dad which makes him gotta do all the housework like cooking, cleaning, etc. It's fun to see a guy who always proud to be a professional worker but in the end he's gotta do what a 'housewife' should do. This drama also good to show for husband that a housewife works arent easy at all, its tiring & lots of things to do in 1 day, hmm

Love his neighbour who is a Stay-home-dad for years already & he's proud of it (eventhough he looks kinda sissy lol). But since his wife can makes money double more than him, so they decided that the wife is the one who provide the family financially & the hubby is the one who take care of the house, a realistic twist eh ?. It makes me wonder if any guy in real life really love or hopes to be a Stay-Home-Dad ?

But I guess, most society still see that a Guy should support the family financially, so not many people can accept stay-home-dad or househubby ?. Abe Hiroshi said in the drama that if he works as househubby / stay-home-dad then he has no pride as a Man. Sad but kinda true.

If i have to give rating, I would give 8,5/10 for this drama.


Erm, Dont mind me if recently it seems that I keep watching drama by Abe Hiroshi as the main character in it, cuz after I watch Kekkon Dekinai Otoko & Dragon Zakura, I realize that all drama that has him as the main character is always good & interesting. I also like his 'unique character' charisma.

Somehow, all characters he played so far (from all 4 J-Dramas) has this an "Arrogant, Mr. know-it-all, Superior" attitude. I'm not sure why all the characters he played has a commotion in terms of personally. Perharps he has "Arrogant, Mr. know-it-all, Superior" attitude looks ? lol.

Or maybe, Abe Hiroshi purposely selected to play as a character that has "Arrogant, Mr. know-it-all, Superior" attitude, hmm.