>> Thursday, September 11, 2008

Erm, another old post of mine before I'm off to Tokyo, hehe.

And If you're wondering, What is a Cat Cafe ?.

Basically its a place for cats to hang out (seriously, no joke) & of course with humans too. Well, to be precise, actually it's a place for humans to relax by playing or hanging out with the felines on the cafe itself.

The cafe provided the cats in order to bring out all feline-lover inside us (some ppl come here after work to relieve stress too!), they're just too irressistible to resist arent they ?.

Of course they arent free of charge to hang out with, you gotta pay depending on your age range (kids 400 yen, adult 600/800 yen, couple 1000 yen).
The drinks & other things also you gotta purchase it themselves on the cafe, some of the places provided free can drinks I heard.

Different places, different cats, different fee / charges. So I did a research of some cat cafe that is available & popular in Tokyo/Japan, was thinking to do a visit since I'm a huge cat lover too~.

This one is located at Akihabara, ねこ・JaLaLa

Some of The Cats Member / Staff biodata :

More photos of The Cats Members / Staffs :

Arent they just so adorable ?! more pictures below :

(P.S: All the photos of cats above are taken from ねこ・JaLaLa )

This one is located at Odaiba, Cat's Livin

The Cats members / staffs @ Cat's Livin

Cant seem to find more pictures about this particular place. Not able to find the official webbie for this, boohoo. This place seems to be a Cat's playground though, not sure if its a Cat Cafe.

Anyway, it seems this is the biggest merchandise shop for Cats-lover, so if you're thinking to get lots of present or anything cat-related, maybe can drop by here~.

This one is located at Ikebukuro, ねこぶくろ

The Cats members / staffs @ ねこぶくろ

This ねこぶくろ isnt a cafe but more of a Cat's playground, located at the highest level of Tokyu Hands.

This one also located Ikebukuro, ねころび

Above pictures taken from this quite a helpful guide.

The Cats members / staffs @ ねころび

Aaww, arent they just so cute that makes you want to cuddle them so tightly ?!
More picture of The Cats members / staffs @

Oh, Found 2 nice cat wallpapers here, if anyone interested just grab it.

Well, that's all for now. So far, I've managed to do research on these 4 cats-lover-must-go-place-in-tokyo. There a lot more of Cats Cafe in Japan, you can check it here on different areas. Hmm, it seems that they really love cats THAT much, eh ?.

Anyway, I planned to visit these 4 main cats-lover-place when we're going to Tokyo to squeeze & cuddle with them (if we got enough time, hopefully). So stay tuned for my report of Tokyo :)

Geez, now I really miss owning a Cat !!! ARGH. Cant own a pet yet (other than hamsters) cuz we're still living in a rented flat, must wait till we get our own flat, blargh.

(P.S: FYI, None of the pictures aboves are taken by me, found them on their official websites)