♥ { UG ★ アルティメットガール }

>> Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm probably so late to watch this ecchi comedy anime series of 12 episodes. It was released on 10th January 2005 & I just finished watching it today, lol ♥.

The anime title is "Ultimate Girl" or
UG☆アルティメットガール .

I finished it 1 day only, it's very short cuz every episodes only last for 12 minutes. Though the animation quality isnt so good, but the storyline or the humour is just marvelous ♥. Eventhough it has some ecchi content, it wasnt as extreme as かのこん (Kanokon).

Best thing is, they mix ecchi with humour ♥. There was 1 scene where they show this 2 guy was making noise or talking like they're having gay sex with some ecchi expression but in the end they didnt do anything else other than copying & compiling papers into a book form, so stupid & funny in the same time, lol ♥. Another thing is that, they always put the monster's core like a diamond on the genital part (well, they dont show any 'genital' organ though).

Another silly part is also that the girls can only gain maximum power to defeat monsters if they feel shy over their naked bodies being seen by anyone (what kind of power-gain-requirement is that ?). Overall, this anime is just so freaking funny, silly, stupid & ecchi in the same time.

Anyone watch this anime too ?
Source of the Silk in Ultimate Girl Little Boobs figures from: here. Not sure if its a fanmade / self-made or official released figures, looks pretty decent though.