♥ { MR. CURRY }

>> Sunday, December 14, 2008

There's an opening promotion for a new curry restaurant at Central ♥.

If anyone of you interested, you can download the coupen here. I may be not going since the curry may be the sweet & spicy type which doesnt suit our taste. Perharps one day I wont mind going there. There are other Japanese restaurants on my list to visit now.

Hmm, that reminds me I've been quite sometime hasnt visit that mall
. One of my favourite mall in Singapore cuz it's not as crowded as other places like Orchard or Bugis area & also it's filled up with lots of Japanese restaurants in 1 level, lovely . There's also Liang Court nearby there which is just renovated. I love their Japanese supermarket, MEIDI-YA & this mall also filled up with Japanese foods / restaurants ♥. These 2 malls are a must visit if you want to eat in different type of Japanese restaurants (too bad they seem not to have any otaku / anime / figure shops in here though).

I heard the reason why there's 2 shopping mall with lots of Japanese foods & a Japanese supermarket over there cuz it has lots of japanese residents who stays around there