>> Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finally, the ultimate collaboration of Hello Kitty & Tokidoki collection are out for grabs ♥. These collection is superb cute, ちょーかわいい (totally kawaii), irresistible & adorable madness ♥.

I would really love to grab these if I'm a fan of both (Luckily, I am not fan of both so I can save my money for something else, tee-hee) . But what attract me the most in these collection are actually the use of pink colors with these kawaii かわいい characters .

But if you ask me which one of these collection I will buy, probably will be the 2 figures above . Reason is because I love collecting Figures (Anime or Designer / Urbban Vinyl) & apparently the fusion of Hello Kitty with Tokidoki characters above are just too cute / adorable / pretty / kawaii / irresistible !!! especially that "Cactus Kitten" (Hello Kitty in Cactus suit) with some pink spikes & bling-bling diamonds attached to it .

But it cost bloody $160.00 USD if you buy it here !!! T_T blargh, too expensive that can makes me cry, can ?! まったく、高いすぎでしょうね?!♥.

There also a plushie version of "Cactus Kitten" (Hello Kitty in Cactus suit) which is above picture, but for some reason its not as appealing as the figure to me .

Source: Tokidoki.