>> Sunday, February 1, 2009

「ネコカフェ ねこじゃらら」 or Neko Jalala is one of ネコカフェ (Cat Cafe) which is located in Akihabara & seems to be quite popular ♥.

For those who doesnt know what a ネコカフェ (Cat Cafe) actually does, you can check my special post regarding about it here plus some info of several ネコカフェ (Cat Cafe) which are located in Tokyo ♥.

When we were visiting Akihabara last year, we didnt got the time to visit this place since we were too busy hunting for Anime PVC Figures & playing in Arcades, haha maybe I'll visit here next time .

But we still managed to visit a Cat's Playground called ねこぶくろ (Nekobukuro) which is located at Tokyu Hands, Ikebukuro ♥. You can check my full post about our visit to Ikebukuro (including ねこぶくろ / Nekobukuro) last year in here ♥.

I know some people may think it's a waste of time or money going all the way to Tokyo, Japan to see some Cats, but for a cats lover like me it's definitely a must since we cant keep cats in our rented flat (especially some of them are just looks too adorable, cute & somewhat special breed) ♥. It just makes me feels so happy to play, hug, cuddle & pet cute adorable cats :) ♥.

I wonder if how many of you will (or dont mind) visiting a
ネコカフェ (Cat Cafe) or a Cat's playground when you come to visit Tokyo, Japan ? .

Source: AkibaBlog.