>> Friday, February 20, 2009

There's this event called "AOU Amusement Expo 2009" in Japan which just ended recently that showcasing the latest & greatest prize for arcades ♥.

These Yoko & Nia figures seems to be only available exclusively for arcade prizes ♥. 1st time I saw this design though, I wonder if they ever be for sale in shops ? ♥. Too bad it's not fully colored, would love to know the scale & see the review of these Yoko figures ♥.

I wonder if those Nia & Yoko Dakimakura cover above are for prizes as well ? Strangely, I have never seen this dakimakura design of both before (are they new design ?) cuz previously Yoko dakimakura was like this & this. While Nia Dakimakura is like this. So I suppose these are exclusive design for arcade prizes only ? ♥.

These are all due / out on summer (if im not wrong) ♥. So if you're happen to be in Japan on this summer season, do drop by to some arcades & grab these prizes ♥. I would really love to grab those goodies by playing UFO-Catcher over there (they really have attractive prizes) . But I'm not sure if these are UFO-Catcher Prize or just general arcade prizes though, anyone knows ? .

Source: AkibaHobby & TomoPop.