>> Friday, February 6, 2009

For those who are fans of both TOUMA & CAPCOM'S MONSTER HUNTER will be very happy with this trading figure released ♥. Me, myself find TOUMA's works are amazing & has a very original awesome attitude (especially the evilish smirk & devilish eyes on his characters) ♥.

But from all his characters, me only love グーン / GOON, The Dragons (which is above picture) ♥. Reason why I love it because I love dragons & these looks so cutely awesome & cool in the same time, rofl lmao lolz ♥.

This time he added his characters attitude into the Monster Hunter's Cats ♥. This is quite an old released though & everyone knows Monster Hunter merchandise are selling like madness since everyone (especially Asian people) are so crazy over the Monster Hunter game. Even Play-Asia ones are sold-out (after re-issue) ♥. But I saw a complete set (8 pieces) of this trading figure for around $90 ++ SGD during my visit to LaTendo last time (not sure if its still there though) ♥. So for those who wants to get them, better get it fast !!! ♥.

Source: Toycyte & VinylPulse ♥.