>> Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spotted this never-been-seen-before & somewhat kind of Limited Edition Gloomy Bear figure with Stitch's (from Lil'o & Stitch) body which costs $2,000 USD !!! (yeah I know, it's like so freaking superb totally expensive to the maximum right ?!) ♥. Most expensive Gloomy Bear figure ever, definitely ♥. If I'm ultra very おかねもち (Okanemochi / Rich) fella, I definitely snatch it !!! (eventhough I dont like Stitch, but any figure of Pink & Bloody Gloomy Bear is just Auto Must-Buy for me). Yes, I'm in love with Pink & Bloody ver. of Gloomy Bear .

But geez, it's almost as expensive as Joe Ledbetter's Mr.Bunny Complete Set @ eBay (which cost $3,500 USD for all 3)
. Ah well, probably cuz it's more like an art piece than a toy I guess .

Source: GloomyBearAttack.