>> Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This is actually an old news, but I just feel like sharing it for those who doesnt know about this ♥. There's a blogger (Mukyaa) who post some photos of his crazy GoodSmileCompany collection after took a suggestion from DannyChoo (which is only represent half of his figure collection, that means he got loads more figures than that !!!) ♥. Can make an army of GoodSmileCompany already haha ♥.

Gosh, I want that GoodSmileCompany - Lala Satalin Deviluke 1/8 PVC [To-LOVE-Ru] so badly !!! Actually, I already pre-ordered from Play-Asia for a re-issue release since January 2009, but the re-issue release date delayed to March from February :( geez, I wonder how long are they gonna take to release a re-issue version ?! ♥.

Another figure that I really badly want is that GoodSmileCompany - Shuraki Trinity Box 3 - 1/8 Char Rhousemann PVC [Shuraki] (above) !!! I missed the pre-order & until now I havent manage to spot this figure for sale in local shops, or when I was visiting Akihabara last year, or even online shopping websites !!! so sad, sigh :(

Anyone can tell me where I can find this ? prefer to buy it locally though cuz I dont really wanna pay extra shipping fee if possible (of course the price shouldnt be more than the original pricing too, cuz some people are just selling rare figure with ridiculous price to get more profit) ♥. Really appreciate the help if anyone can let me know !!! :)

Another thing that amaze me is the awesome Nendoroid & Lucky Star collection *me ish super so envy* ♥.

PVC Figure collecting hobby is really a very super expensive hobby (more than gaming definitely !!!) since we both has gaming hobbies (consoles, handhelds & PC) & PVC Figure Collecting hobbies too ♥. Cuz each of PVC can cost from $90 - $150 SGD nowadays (2nd hand PVC Figure usually range from $40 SGD & above, depends on the condition of it) ♥.

So I'm pretty sure that
Mukyaa is probably a very rich Otaku / おかねもち (Okanemochi / Rich) fella !!! (unless if he got all those figures for free) lol rofl lmao ♥. おかねもちはなりたいです~ (duh, who doesnt want to be rich -& also happy- in this world ?) .

♥ Source: Mukyaa & Tomopop.