>> Monday, February 2, 2009

Stumble upon these gorgeous photography / photoshoot of ALTER Xenosaga: KOS-MOS 1/8 PVC when I was browsing on the net ♥.

I know well that this is a pretty old released figure (there's also quite number of Xenosaga: KOS-MOS PVC Figures being released at that time if Im not wrong) ♥.

I remember seeing some of these beautiful & stunning Xenosaga: KOS-MOS PVC Figures being sold in some singapore local shops, cant remember exactly where & how long back (both of this & this), but at that time I wasnt into PVC Collection & didnt know much about her & the game (didnt manage to play the game either to busy schedule) so I didnt bother about it ♥.

Now after looking at these beautiful stunning photos of her & having a PVC Collector hobby, it makes me kinda regret to let go a chance getting her last time, boohoo :( now it seems hard to get her unless got people selling theirs ♥.

Among all Xenosaga: KOS-MOS PVC Figures, I only like 2 though. One is this ALTER Xenosaga: KOS-MOS 1/8 PVC & the other one is Xenosaga: KOS-MOS Ver. 4 1/8 PVC (both of their pictures shown here, so you should know) ♥. Anyone know where I can get them both (locally, in Singapore if possible) ? really appreciate your help !!! :) ♥.

Source: RadiantDreamer.net (Images).


Panther March 11, 2009 at 3:35 PM  

Lol I would so want KOS-MOS Ver. 1 as well but yea she is an old figure. As for Ver. 4, she was sold out in SG long ago. You could try the various well-known shops, such as La Tendo and KKnM and ask if they are going to go to Japan to look for her but chances are slim - even in Japan, she is very much sought after.

You have to resort to online methods, most likely. Thankfully, I have Ver. 4.

Lethia [ Singapore ] March 12, 2009 at 2:38 PM  

@Panther: Haha yeah, it's quite a hot item so its very hard to get unless got anyone letting theirs go (which is rare too! ^^; ).

I guess I will try to look around when I visit Akiba again this year (not confirm yet though). Though some part in me hope that I wont find it so that can save the money for upcoming PVC in the future :p lol, unless can find in very cheap price.